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Welcome to the homepage of the Architectural Services Department.

Our department performs three core functions in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in the following programme areas:

- Monitoring and advisory services
- Facilities upkeep; and
- Facilities development.

We would like to make use of this homepage to share with you the department's Vision, Mission and Values, and provide you with information and reference materials on our work and services.

As Hong Kong continues to make progress in social and economic development, the coming years will be full of challenges and opportunities. We are committed to collaborate with our industry partners, user departments and the general public to build and maintain a quality living environment. It is believed that through collective wisdom, experience and talent, we will be able to bring about continuous improvement and make things better for the future.

I hope you find our website informative and useful. Your feedback, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

LEUNG Koon-kee, JP
Director of Architectural Services

Director of Architectural Services - LEUNG Koon-kee, JP
Our Vision

Serve and care for our community by enriching the living environment through quality professional services.

Our Mission

‧Ensure the quality, cost effectiveness and sustainable development of community facilities.

‧Ensure the quality and cost effectiveness in the upkeeping of community facilities.

‧Provide quality professional advisory services on community facilities and related matters.

‧Promote best practices in the building industry.

Our Values






‧Continuous Improvement

‧Team Spirit

‧Partnering Spirit

‧Caring Attitude

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

To plan, design, procure, maintain property and advise professionally

The Architectural Services Department, when offering our Clients a comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary professional and technical services for public buildings and facilities, is committed to :-

a) Fulfilling the agreed requirements of our Clients to the highest professional standards.
b) Delivering our services in an environmentally responsible manner by implementing conservation of energy, preventing pollution and reducing the consumption of natural resources.
c) Managing our health and safety risks to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff, our contractors and other people who may be affected by our work.
d) Complying with all relevant legislations and other requirements, and wherever practicable, to achieve standards beyond those that are legally required.
e) Providing adequate resources and training to all staff and appropriate training to persons working for or on behalf of ArchSD, to continually improve our quality, environmental, health and safety performance and effectiveness.
f) Promoting ArchSD's principles of quality, environmental sustainability, health and safety to our partners in work, the construction industry and the general public.
Roles and Services

Monitoring and Advisory Services

Our aim is to provide effective professional and technical advice to the Government and quasi-government organisations and to oversee subvented and entrusted projects.

Professional and technical advice is provided by the Department. This includes:

advice on building, engineering and landscaping services as well as planning and development related issues;
advice to the Government on matters related to building construction costs, practices and standards as well as statutory compliance for government building works on government land;
advice on matters related to heritage conservation; and
advice to the Government on matters related to green building design.

The Subvented Projects Division of the Department is responsible for ensuring that government subvented and entrusted projects conform to government requirements. The work involves:

vetting budget, design, tender documents, tender recommendations and final accounts; and
identifying non-conformities in design, standards and tendering procedures.

The above work is carried out according to the corresponding principles of subvention and entrustment.

Facilities Upkeep

Our aim is to provide efficient and cost-effective professional and project management services for the maintenance and refurbishment of buildings and facilities.

The Property Services Branch of the Department is responsible for facilities upkeep. The work involves:

maintenance and repair of all government buildings and facilities;
maintenance services to subvented schools; and
refurbishment, fitting-out, alteration, addition and improvements and emergency repairs to all properties maintained by the Branch.

Facilities Development

Our aim is to provide efficient, cost-effective and timely architectural and associated professional and project management services for the design and construction of buildings and related facilities.

The Project Management Branch, Architectural Branch, Building Services Branch, Structural Engineering Branch, Quantity Surveying Branch and Property Services Branch of the Department are responsible for the development of new facilities. The work involves:

assisting user departments in developing their requirements;
designing the facilities to meet users' requirements and Government's needs; and
appointing consultants and contractors and inspecting works to ensure the facilities are developed up to standard.
Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Staff Establishment

As at 31 March 2016, there are 1,814 established posts in our department which comprise directorate, professional, technical, site supervisory and general grades staff.

E -0403_Pi Chart (EN_TC)
Performance Pledge


Monitoring and Advisory Services

Vetting budget and design within 30 days 99%
Vetting tender documents within 21 days 99%
Vetting tender recommendations within 14 days 100%
Vetting final accounts within 90 days 99%
Providing advice on building and engineering services and planning and development issues within 10 days 99%

Facilities Upkeep

Attending to emergency repairs e.g. a burst water pipe, within one hour of notification in Hong Kong, Kowloon and new towns in the New Territories 99%
Attending to urgent repairs e.g. a broken window, within one day of notification 99%
Completing minor repairs within the agreed time scale 99%
Completing major maintenance and refurbishment work within the agreed time scale 99%
Carrying out scheduled maintenance inspections of all buildings 100%
Achieving satisfactory performance in client satisfaction survey for minor repairs 98%
Completing technical checking of contractors' submitted accounts within 14 days 97%

Facilities Development

Completing design and documentation within the approved time scale 100%
Completing projects within budget 100%
Completing projects within the approved time scale 100%
Driving Development, Preserving Heritage
Last revision date: 12 December 2016